a dog laying in front of a closed door
a dog laying in front of a closed door
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What is accessibility?

Accessibility can be viewed as the “ability to access” and benefit from a system. The sense considered here refers to the design of products, devices, or services so as to be usable by people with the widest possible range of abilities, operating within the widest possible range of situations. This is about making things accessible to all people (whether they have a disability or not).

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Serait-il compliqué pour vous d’expliquer à un enfant âgé de 3 ans comment un navigateur Web fonctionne ? Le même défi s’applique au développement de logiciels car le domaine client peut être assez difficile à comprendre.

Nous avons besoin d’exemples pour comprendre ce dont le client a besoin. Travailler avec des exemples concrets nous aide à mieux communiquer parce que nous sommes en mesure de comprendre le problème plus facilement. Pour ce faire, nous pouvons utiliser une méthode connue comme la BDD (behavior driven development en anglais | la programmation pilotée par le comportement en français).

Utiliser BDD pour créer les exemples est incroyable !

C’est incroyable parce…

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How complicated would it be for you to explain to a 3-year-old child how the web browser works? The same challenge applies to software development as the client domain can be pretty difficult to understand.

We need examples to understand what the client needs. Working with real-world examples helps us to communicate better because we’re able to relate to the problem more easily. To do that, we can use a method called Behavior Driven Development (aka BDD).

Using BDD to create the examples is amazing!

It’s amazing because it turns human scenarios into tests. Behavior Driven Development encourages exploration and debate in order to formalize the examples…

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